IMP's relations with medical specialists, librarians, and resellers as well as with the publishing and corporate world are an integral part of IMP's commercial and product development strategy. IMP invites librarians from all over the world to click for detailed information on our new ADRI – Adverse Drug Reactions Insight database – Dermatology Section for information on the latest and 10th fully revised edition of Side Effects in Dermatology (in print).

ADRI – Adverse Drug Reactions Insight - Dermatology Section (D/S):
online subscription for € 140,00 (incl. VAT) per user per 12 months.

SEiD - Side Effects in Dermatology:
10th edition in print for € 80,00 per copy (incl. VAT and postage free delivery).

Special Combo:
1 year subscription to ADRI – DERMATOLOGY SECTION + 1 print copy of SEiD’S 10th edition for
€ 165,00 (incl. VAT and postage free delivery).


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